Helping our clients succeed with social

Trusted by the people, for the people

Helping our clients succeed with social

Trusted by the people, for the people


Making patient's life easier with our services.

SEOK Healthcare provided services picking up from the airport. They have chosen the right specialty of doctors and arranged accommodation, local transportation etc. I am very much happy to the services and assistance provided by SEOK Healthcare team.

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Samsoor Arsala

Istanbul, Turkey

It was great experience with SEOK. I was kindly advised & also guided with choosing the right doctor. I really appreciate the service & kind help they provided during the check-up, tests & getting the reports on time. It all went very smoothly for me

Zulia Akhter

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I found out about SEOK Healthcare through a family friend. I was kindly advised and also guided with choosing the right doctor for diagnosis and also the whole process. I really appreciate the service and kind help SEOK Healthcare provide during the treatment period.

Dr. Muhib Ahmed Shahin

Chairman of Manha Group BD Ltd., Founder of Tanha Healthcare, Member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce)(Dhaka, Bangladesh

SEOK Healthcare has not only guided me and my family during my check up and post-operative period but also monitored each & every steps of my treatment like an extended family. Due to their guidance we could save at least 15-20% treatment cost.

Maleena Gomez

Dhaka, Bangladesh

SEOK Healthcare helped me getting medical visa. They arranged doctor’s appointment and they provide the hotel reservation too. They give a proper guideline and help to take decisions if one is not willing to take it or not. I really appreciate their services which they provide during my treatment period.

Tshering Deki


I have been thoroughly guided and helped, in every step of the process. They have helped me starting from choosing the right doctor and treatment to registration, testing and diagnosis more than once. Glad to have taken SEOK Healthcare service.

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Abeo Chinedu


SEOK helped me getting the medical visa. They actually organized all the papers regarding the visa. They arranged meeting With the doctor and provided me the best facility. They called and asked me about my health and other problems as if I Were their full responsibility.

Anwar Hossain Pahari

Dhaka, Bangladesh

SEOK has helped us in two of very severe medical cases from my relatives. In these two medical cases, doctors from Afghanistan and Pakistan were unable to provide needed medical assistance. Through SEOK’s medical guidance, I was able to attain the needed medical facilities and now the patients are perfectly fine. I am thankful to SEOK for establishing such a good institution who has the full capacity and tendency to help patients not only from India but also from all around the world, especially Afghanistan.

Abdul Nasir

Kabul, Afghanistan